The most complete printing process of clothing customization industry is here

As we all know, garment customers are in the personalized customization industry, mainly for group wear, activity wear, class wear, family wear, couples wear, personalized clothing to provide pattern personalized customization services, a minimum order, mainly for 1-200 pieces of small batch customization orders. Relying on the vigorous development of e-commerce, the personalized clothing customization industry is gradually becoming regularized and intelligent, and the market caliber is constantly expanding.

Today, A super will introduce the main printing process of the clothing customization industry.
At present, there are mainly eight printing processes in the production workshop of Shangke, two of which are unique to Shangke, namely heat transfer and film process.

The advantages of heat transfer are light resistance, water resistance, strong color fastness, can be exposed to the sun for a long time, there will be no deformation, discoloration, has a very rich color expression, can make pictures of characters, small words, letters, corporate LOGO and other high clear, complex patterns.
Film process, any color can be realized, colorful, pattern has high flexibility, can stretch, soft, smooth surface, usually do below 3 color pattern, as some special effect design, bronzing, hot silver, metallic pattern, for example, there are luminous, reflective, flash and other special design, is the film process.
The other six are commonly used in the clothing customization industry, which are water slurry process, digital process, embroidery process, direct injection process, weak solvent process and thermal sublimation process.
The water-slurry process has good air permeability, and the pattern printed on the clothes will not have the feeling of glue. Its working principle is similar to dyeing, but the difference is that a certain area of the fabric is "dyed" into the color required by the flower position, and the color of the flower position is good, and the color can be controlled, and the fluorescent color pattern can be made. The limitation of water paste printing is that it cannot be applied to all dark fabrics that exceed the print color, and can only be used to make patterns with a solid color below 3 colors. Black water paste can be printed with other colored fabrics except black.
Digital technology, bright colors, high precision, wide color gamut image is exquisite, feel is soft, the principle of digital printing technology makes its product has broken the traditional production of color and take back to the limitation of length, can make textile fabrics of high-grade printing printing effect, break through the traditional textile and dyeing pattern of tinted limits, especially in the color gradient, moire pattern of high precision printing, Digital printing has incomparable advantages in technology, pure machine operation, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.
Embroidery technology, the use of professional computer embroidery software computer programming method to design patterns and needle sequence, and finally achieve the mass production of embroidery products, computer embroidery not only to the traditional manual embroidery made a more perfect inheritance, and solve the traditional hand embroidery can not complete a large number of quantified production status.
Direct spray process, can print all kinds of material cloth, cotton, flax and other plant fiber, available all kinds of output software, support all kinds of file format, one step to complete, that is, print and take. The price is more expensive, the quality of the ink is very high, if you do not use imported ink, it is easy to fade.
Weak solvent process color expressive force is extremely strong, character design, high clear image can show the perfect photo, touch touch, washable, anti-japanese sun, smooth surface, for irregular pattern jie figure link operation is relatively complex, so weak solvent process for some variables, and single orders at five pieces of small groups and individual.
Thermal sublimation process, short process, after printing is the finished product, does not need evaporation, washing and other post-processing process, fine pattern, rich and clear layers, high artistic, three-dimensional sense, for the general method of printing is not, and can print photography and painting style patterns. The prints are brightly colored, and during the sublimation process, the tar from the dye is left on the transfer paper and does not contaminate the fabric. High quality, can be transferred to print more than one set of color pattern without flower.
The above mentioned digital and direct injection processes may lead to misunderstandings. People outside the industry may mistake digital and direct injection processes for the same process, but in fact they only have the same principle. However, the two processes use different equipment, and their processes, materials, effects and efficiency are also different.



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