silicone on garment/textile/apparel

Popular Type Under Coating Silicone

Category:Under coating silicone.

 Feature:Good fastness, high elasticity, Excellent operability.

Suitable range: Suitable for Jeans, swimwear, lycra fabric, and common nylon fabric . Mixing with any kinds of silicone is workable.

Storage:Keep in cool and ventilated place at 5-35 centigrade, well sealed for 12 month.

Eco Status: Meet GB18401,Oeko-tex standard 100,Adidas A-01,NIKE RSL.


Printing Technology


A.Suggest working surroundings of humidity is 50%--80%, and attention the influence of operation by the different temperature. When the humidity is higher than 80% please extended the curing time properly, keep the environment relatively dust-free to avoid the small particles on the printing surface.
B.Squeegee:65-75º solvent based
C. Screen printing mesh:100-180 mesh
D. Curing conditions: 120-140℃ X 90s




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