The three-dimensional 3D silicone ink matt glossy shinny for screen printing with OEKO-TEX in clothing

The three-dimensional 3D silicone ink matt glossy shinny for screen printing with OEKO-TEX in clothing

Category:Under coating silicone.

 Feature:Good fastness, high elasticity, Excellent operability.

Suitable range: Suitable for Jeans, swimwear, lycra fabric, and common nylon fabric . Mixing with any kinds of silicone is workable.

Storage:Keep in cool and ventilated place at 5-35 centigrade, well sealed for 12 month.

Eco Status: Meet GB18401,Oeko-tex standard 100,Adidas A-01,NIKE RSL.


Printing Technology


A.Suggest working surroundings of humidity is 50%--80%, and attention the influence of operation by the different temperature. When the humidity is higher than 80% please extended the curing time properly, keep the environment relatively dust-free to avoid the small particles on the printing surface.
B.Squeegee:65-75º solvent based
C. Screen printing mesh:100-180 mesh
D. Curing conditions: 120-140℃ X 90s


What is Screen Printing?
Screen printing is a method of decorating custom apparel using inks, which are passed through a mesh screen to achieve your design. The way it works is simple; a logo/design is exposed onto the screen, washed out, set-up on our press, and using a squeegee-type blade the ink is passed through the screen onto thefabrics.

What kind of printing inks do you provide?
We are a professional manufacture of silicone rubber, plastisol and waterbased ink; assistants including thinner and catalyst; effective powder like metallic, light sensitive, temperature change, reflective, etc.

What color system do you develop?
Pantone and CMYK series that we provide transparent inks with pigments or specific color inks.

What application do your inks match?
Clothes, gloves, cap, socks, underwear and silicone rubber products.

Do you have a minimum?
Yes, the MOQ is 20KG, sample inks are free and the purchaser pay for the charge.

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