Golden yellow plastisol ink Screen-printing oil based plastisol ink

Bright red plastisol ink Screen-printing oil based plastisol ink

Product name:plastisol ink


Packing:25KG/drum for white, 20KG/drum for other colors

Storage:12 months in cool place


1. Suitable for automatic, manual printing, can create 3D sharp up and round up effects etc.

2. Suitable for all fabrics which endurable in high temperature of 150-180 degree.


1. High fastness

2. High glossy

3. High softness

4. SGS detecting passed, no phthalate, no heavy metal, no NPEOs.

Mix proportion

plastisol ink 100%, or can be intermixed with other colored plastisol inks

Printing process

Method 1st:

1. Printing with the clear plastisol ink for 3~4 times (3-4 scrapes per time)

2. Printing again with colored plastisol ink for 2 times(3-4 scrapes per time)

3. Baking for 1~3 minutes under 150~180℃ to dry it.

4. Finish.

Method 2nd:

1. Mixing clear plastisol ink 50% with colored plastsiol ink 50%.

2. Printing for 4~5 times(3-4 scrapes per time)

3. Baking for 1~3 minutes with 150~180℃ to dry it fast.

4. Finish.


1. The fabric must endurable in hot temperature, it’s not suitable for airtight fabric.

2. Thick screen is suggested for the best effect .

3. Basement process can make better washing ability.


Q1) .How about your MOQ of your ink or glue ?

For sublimation ink , our MOQ is 4KG ( CMYK) , for hot melt glue MOQ is 15KG .

For Plastisol ink , our MOQ is 10KG .

Q2). Could you please give me the quality sample?

If you need some sample for reference,please let us know your fully address/ship

mode with courier,and we will arrange our available sample for your reference.

Please pay the shipping cost to us , Our DHL account have certificate which can deliver t

Chemical ink .

Q3). What is the delivery cost?

It deliver by DHL express , we have get 60% discount of DHL , so the shipping cost is cheap .

Q4).  What is your lead time ?

2-3 days , depending on the quantity  , we almost have safe stock .

Q5). How do I pay for my order?

We accept L/C ,T/T ,Western Union , Paypal , Escrow .


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