10A For Garment Printing Screen Printing Ink Water based for maually printing Elastic Machine Rubber Paste

10A Elastic White Rubber Paste

10C Elastic Clear Rubber Paste

Category: Water-based printing paste-Low - grade elastic mortar.

Feature: General fastness, elastic deviation, good hiding power, high cost performance,
suitable for hand printing.

Fabric: Suitable for elastic cotton, TC or knitted fabrics.

Storage: keep in cool and well ventilated place at 5-35 centigrade for 6 months.

Eco status: Meet GB 18401. OEKO-TEX 100 certificate, adidas.


Printing Technology

A.To reach the best result, we suggest to print at moisture condition of 50-80% and note the impact of temperature to operability. Please make sure to extend the curing time when moisture is higher than 80% to avoid stickness and poor washing fastness.When moisture is less than 50%, we suggest to add MDR wetting agent to avoid the chocking problem.
B.Squeegee:65-75 water based
C.Mesh:100-150 mesh
D.Curing: at 130-140℃ X 90s,hot press 135℃ X 10s




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